Battle: Los Angeles

They come. They invade. And then all hell breaks loose. That’s the formula, but few films seem to get it right. Will Smith did it best in Independence Day and Tom Cruise was our favorite runner up as he fought off aliens in the War of the Worlds. Next up, Battle: Los Angeles. While comic book fans were patiently waiting to see what villains Batman, The Green Lantern and Captain America would be fighting away, Sony heads were gearing up to thrill audiences again with another bang-bang-shoot-up-the-alien-and-win-the-weekend-box-office feature.

It might sound like the same old recycled concept that has excited young moviegoers and annoyed film critics for years, but Battle: Los Angeles might just serve up the goods. Instead of jumping on the 3D band wagon, film makers decided to concentrate on documentary style filming that will truly put you in the direct line of fire. Check out the trailer below.

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