Movie Season Heats Up With Upcoming Releases


Hollywood is getting ready to heat up movie theaters starting this Spring. After the success of Iron Man and the Dark Knight, studio heads are banking on seeing the same high numbers at the box office throughout 2011. Not only have they green-lit new films, but they’ve also lined up numerous sequels months before the first weekend results. Get excited about the upcoming movie season by checking out our favorites.

X-Men First Class

What’s been revealed: It’s a prequel. Instead of continuing on with the the major plot twists of X Men 3, developers decided to revamp the entire story. The film will revisit the days when Magneto and Professor X were young boys who actually got along.

Mid Term Grade: B+ After waiting months for actual footage, fans were finally given a teaser trailer on Facebook that still left much to be desired.

Transformers 3

What’s been revealed: Although details of the plot are still under wraps, the cool visuals and adrenaline rushing stunts displayed during the Super Bowl spot were enough to keep this film a hot trending topic. Hopefully the action will be enough to make up for the beautiful Megan Fox not being in the film.

Mid-Term Grade: A+ This might be the film to beat. What superhero can possibly match a ripped Tyrese, robotic cars and the budget of Michael Bay?


What’s been revealed: It’s not all about the superhero this season. Female protagonist Sydney Prescott returns to Woodsboro once again to face Ghostface. The main victims also return with a whole new crop of teenagers to face the dreaded phone call. Dimension has already signed on for the fifth and sixth installments of the popular horror franchise.

Mid Term Grade: C+ Re-shoots and bad trailer reviews have already haunted the new film. Only time will tell if the crazy antics of Ghostface will keep us Screaming or asking for a refund.

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