The Dark Knight Finally Rises


It’s been almost three years since The Dark Knight took over theaters and kicked the corny out of the Superhero film. After an Oscar worthy performance from the late Heath Ledger, high acclaim from film critics and over $1 billion in worldwide revenue, it was a no-brainier for the studio to go ahead with a third film in the series. News has been slow, but finally one major character was revealed: Catwoman. After months of speculation, it was revealed that Anne Hathaway will hopefully be suiting up in the famous iconic suit.

Christopher Nolan has made sure that his inception of Batman is far from the cartoonish films of the 90s. Although we still don’t know whether Hathaway will be playing the outrageous Cat or the modest Selena Kyle or, as many fans hope, truly show the transformation and play both characters, fans of the film are patiently waiting for the films release, or at least some more leaks.

How does Hathaway stack up against other famous women who took on the role of Catwoman?

Eartha Kitt

That voice was made for this role. Every line that she spoke during the television series seemed to sound like a small and seductive purr. We can only hope that Hathaway is able to bring some of the same charisma that Kitt was able to display on the small screen.


“Honey I’m home! Oh I forgot. I’m not married.”

Many might agree that Michele Pfeiffer is the Cat to beat. The red lipstick, the painted on costume, the long whip. Her portrayal of the character seemed to be ripped right out of the comic book. Not only was she convincing in the role of Catwoman, but she also had the vulnerability needed to play the coy and meek Selena Kyle as well.

Halle Berry

This film probably won’t be listed on Halle Berry’s long list of accomplishments. Once images first emerged of her online with a leather bra and destroyed leather pants, fans were already calling the film a disaster. Everything from the music to the script was wrong. Although the title character was unnoticeable, Berry was extremely convincing in the role of Patience Phillips—the shy employee who apparently had to undergo a name change for the “landmark” film.

Don’t count Anne Hathaway out just yet. She didn’t earn an Oscar nomination for her dark turn in “Rachel Getting Married” for nothing. She just might have the goods to truly fade to black in the Dark Knight Rises. Only time will tell.

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