“You have to stay until the end of the credits!”

Your Facebook page might have listed a quote similar to this during last year’s run of Iron Man 2. While the actual film was getting mixed reviews from fans, the startling revelation that the film’s closing scene offered was enough to generate interest in an entirely different upcoming release.

What would it be? Another Captain America suit accessory? Maybe a hint at the new Avengers film that was speculated to be in pre-production? As the camera panned over a huge whole in the middle of the New Mexico dessert, a large hammer was quickly shown and the next big budget blockbuster from Marvel Studios was revealed.

Thor is set to hit theaters this May. Although early buzz has helped keep The Dark Knight, Superman and even the Transformers trending topics, the first theatrical trailer for Thor finally gave comic fans everywhere a first glimpse at the special effects, punch lines and explosions that are being offered up by this year’s Superhero underdog. If all goes well, everyone might just be carrying around plastic hammers for Halloween. If the movie is as good as the trailer, Thor might also add himself to a long list of crime fighters and protectors of Planet Earth that have easily become household names.


Will the film be enough to pack theaters and bring around numerous sequels that pale in comparison to the original? Only time, and the box office, will tell.

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