When Rush Ruled the World


Rocking for over 35 years, Rush is one of the formative influences on the progressive rock genre and continues to produce new material, with the new album “Clockwork Angels” on the horizon. Rush extended their unprecedented Time Machine Tour through 2011, playing the complete fan-favorite Moving Pictures album for the first time. For new initiates, this tour serves as a career retrospective and is the perfect chance to see what some dub “The Holy Trinity” of rock and roll. Rush shows are world-famous for unrivaled musicianship and frantic live energy, as well as Neil Peart’s unforgettable drum solos, which have inspired hopefuls the world over.


For those who have followed the Working Man from the temples of 2112 to the swirling synth of Signals and beyond, Rush’s status as Rock Gods is well cemented and inarguable. Rush’s appeal stems from their constant diversity and ever-changing approach to the rock format. For over thirty five years the band has experimented with virtually every genre and boasts lyrical themes that skew all the way from sci-fi fantasy to faith and philosophy. Each Rush album brings it’s own reinvention to the Rush sound, inspiring plenty of debate to keep fans busy. For newbies looking at a sprawling catalogue of 19+ albums, each bringing it’s own unique sound and sensibility to the table, it’s hard to know where to start.


Many would recommend 2112, considered by most fans to be the definitive introduction to the band. The title track goes above and beyond it’s musical peers, depicting a Ayn Rand-inspired dystopia where self expression is outlawed and an ancient artifact, the acoustic guitar, is reintroduced into society and destroyed by the world’s oppressive leaders. The energetic defiance of fighting back against the conspiracy shines through, with this album considered the peak of Rush’s finest era by many fans. Some would also say the same about Moving Pictures, which gave us the smash hits “Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight” and stripped down the band’s sound to be tighter and more accessible to music fans of all genres. The ongoing Time Machine tour pays tribute to Moving Pictures for a reason, as it is arguably when Rush exploded into the worldwide mainstream and became the rock juggernaut it is today. Once you’ve found a starting point, Rush’s massive body of work can keep you busy for a lifetime. Even more impressively, with the exception of the very first album, the band has boasted the same three-man lineup for the entirety of their career. This gives them an unrivaled group cohesion and work ethic that results in one of the best live shows in the world and ensures the band constantly keeps moving forwards, always giving diehard fans something to anticipate.

So what are you waiting for? Crank the volume up to eleven until the meek inherit the earth and there’ll be no looking back. Be sure to check out Rush’s ongoing and unprecedented Time Machine Tour while you have the chance, and show the crowd where you came from with our collection of Rush t-shirts, depicting the standout albums in the Rush catalogue.

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