X-Men First Class

Kickstarting a new trilogy on June 3rd, X-Men: First Class brings the X-Men movie series back to the very beginning, when Professor X and Magneto discovered their powers together as close friends. The film promises to revitalize the series with a whole new cast and costumes closers to the iconic designs from the original comics. The villains, the enigmatic Hellfire Club, are all new to the film universe as well. The Hellfire Club is packed with evil mutants and is akin to the Illuminati conspiracy, with the Hellfire Club serving as a new world order to push the evil mutant agenda. This means we can look forward to some great mutant vs. mutant combat as well as see a side of the X-Men plot that has yet to be shown in the film universe. We can also look forward to seeing some of the classic X-Men in action, giving screentime to overlooked mutants like Banshee and Havok. The timeline of X-Men First Class predates many of the familiar characters that would come later like Wolverine and Storm, thus new X-Men fans will get to see a side of the series they’ve never seen before.


Unfortunately, we have yet to see substantial footage of the film in action, with only a brief trailer released so far. From bits and pieces, we can see fan-favorite Beast back in action and Emma Frost/White Queen, who was one of the most dangerous villains in the X-Men series. Though it’s hard to say just how the film will turn out from the brief teasers we’ve gotten so far, the nostalgia of a cast of classic X-Men figures should keep fans satisfied and awaiting the next two parts of this new trilogy. We’ll miss Patrick Stewart as Professor X, now seemingly synonymous with the role, but look forward to seeing where the younger James McAvoy will take him. Be sure to keep an eye out for new X-Men: First Class press releases and wait eagerly along with us as the X-Men franchise is reborn.

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