Rapper 50 Cent: Hollywood’s New 200 Million Dollar Man?

He’s taken over the charts, headlined numerous tours and been the face of a number of ad campaigns. Just like his NY counterpart Jay-Z, he’s literally gone from “the bottom, to the top of the pops.” Hollywood came calling in 2005. 50 released his first feature film, ‘Get Rich of Die Tryin” which chronicled his meek beginnings in the streets of NY.

50 Cent recently made headlines for signing a $200 million deal with Lionsgate films. This venture will give the rapper-turned-actor a chance to produce close to 10 films with the studio. The first film from that lucrative deal is “Setup.” The action picture about a jewelry heist gone wrong sees 50 pairing up with Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe. Only time, and the reviews, will tell if “Setup” can compare to the obvious blueprint that the film is pulled from. (see Italian Job, Takers, The Town and Set if Off) Going from 50 cent to 200 million is not only big for Curtis Jackson, but the entire Hip Hop culture. Check out the trailer below.

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