Same Script, Different Cast

There’s nothing new under the sun. This age old saying really rings true in Hollywood. Tinseltown is obsessed with sequels. Previous box office results will normally tell a studio whether or not a new flick will be greenlit. This week saw the emergence of numerous sequels not only hitting theaters, but headed for the small screen as well. Check out some of the news that got online fans buzzing this week.

A New Charlies Angel’s TV Show?


Who even knew this was in production? We would much rather see Cameron Diaz show off her martial arts skills and horrible dance moves again on the big screen. Time will only tell if this new show will be worth your 30 mins. Let’s hope so.

Wonder Woman Get a Pilot

We were all for this new show until we saw Adrianne Palicki posed up in a flammable costume that looks like leftovers from Halloween 2010. The new pilot is being head by David E. Kelley, the writer of Boston Public. Something about this just doesn’t seem right. Where’s the Catwoman show? That sounds like a ratings winner.

Arnold Heads Back to Terminator?

Do we really believe Arnold as the Terminator anymore? Pictures of a not-so-buff Arnold were blasted across the Internet years ago and they quickly became a trending topic. In a recent interview, Mr. ‘True Lies’ advised that there were 15 film projects in the works with his name attached to. Are you ready to see a naked 63-year old robot running towards you in 3D? Hollywood apparently is.

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