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Wild Wild West- Not Just Cowboys and Indians

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

When someone asks you to think about the West, what typically first comes to mind is the West over a century ago, as depicted by movies. Cowboys not as they existed (mostly as hard-working farmhands), but as anti-heroes with one foot over the line of the law, kicking in the swinging saloon doors with a silver star belt buckle and big leather boots on, defying authority and daring to claim the American dream. Western not as a place in time or way of life, but as a genre of entertainment. With fantastic directors like Sergio Leone and iconic actors like Clint Eastwood bringing idealizations clint eastwoodlike these to life, nobody can blame you. Casting historical accuracy aside, Western entertainment is a uniquely American form of art, reflecting the raw sensibilities behind the American outlook of free pursuit of wealth and happiness. For those with a burning desire to chase down the town’s #1 wanted man through the desert on horseback, six-shooters blazing, the most fitting is the perfect western buckle. Whether it be based on Wild Bill Hickok or Billy The Kid, the two classic legends of the West.

But what would our image of the old west be without an eagle soaring overhead? Cowboys with no horses? And who can avoid respecting the strength and power of the longhorn? The animals of the old west have become just as iconic as anything else, and what about the cowboy poised on a raging bull, daring to defy the power of nature in a truly inspiring fashion.  Speaking of rodeo, anyone catch the CRCA 4B’s Rodeo at the Great Western this past weekend?  The bull riders came out with only bumps and bruises to show.  Thank goodness for the other events to pick up a night that may have otherwise been forgotten.

Though much of our perception of the West is through symbols, we choose to embrace the classic art of the West as well with Western art buckles, featuring Aztec and Native American inspired designs. Due to the Native American and especially Mexican influence, the art style attributed to the old west dates back hundreds of years further, even as far back as 1300′s Aztec culture. As the old west era was a complex and fierce time for disputes over territory, the artistic sensibilities of multiple cultures eventually began to come together as the melting pot began to take form. With great Aztec belt buckles, you can keep that art alive.

Outside of entertainment and the symbols it has spawned, the West was still a fascinating and crucial time of the United States’ development, the image of the untamed wilderness a testament of the sacrifices required to bring the American idea of freedom to life. Perhaps it is for this reason that it’s symbols remain so endearing to this day, and that timelessness is why they will remain immortalized. And hey, lets be honest, high noon standoffs will never go out of style.

A Piece of American Pop Culture- Star Wars

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Star WarsA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…George Lucas created an epic called Star Wars which became a pop culture phenomenon that continues on today.  The Star Wars characters and images from the movies have been eternally embedded into our minds and can now be found in what has been termed the Expanded Universe (books, video games, t-shirts, toys, board games, belt buckles, you name it and it probably exists).  Who knew that on May 25th 1977 the release of Star Wars would be the giant that it is today.  So much so that in 2008 it was the third highest grossing film series in overall box office revenue  behind James Bond and Harry Potter.

Some have said that to see Star Wars in 1977 was like experiencing a moment in pop culture that seemed universal across the nation.  Was this the last unifying landmark event for the baby boomer generation (The Beatles at one end of the spectrum and Star Wars at the other)?  Depending on who you speak with, that answer is yes.

How many people remember the summer of ’77 with the long lines filled with lawn chairs and coolers?

Need Something to Wear on St. Patrick's Day?

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

St. Patrick's Day ShamrocksEven though much of the East Coast is covered with a blanket of snow, March is quickly approaching and it will soon be time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s soon time for shamrocks, leprechauns, and everything green! St. Paddy’s Day for many is a time to feast on corned beef and green beer. For most, it’s time to celebrate and wear your best green attire. If you are planning to get your Irish on this year, 2Bhip Irish has a wide variety of Irish and Celtic belt buckles, hats, T-shirts, and cool gifts to bring out your inner leprechaun.  The only thing 2Bhip does not have is Lucky Charms. But man, those things really are magically delicious!

St. Patrick’s day is for Irish and non-irish alike. Everyone’s Irish on March 17th. And be sure to watch out because if you aren’t wearing green on March 17th…you just might get pinched!St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

"The Beatles of the 70's"- Led Zeppelin

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Though you can hear off-time butchered versions of any one of Led Zeppelin’s classic tunes coming from the bedroomStairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin of any 14-year-old with a guitar, there’s absolutely nothing like the real thing. Classically versed in blues theory, but with a raw, aggressive edge, Led Zeppelin’s debut completely defied classification and late 60′s sensibilities. Though Led Zeppelin has since sold over 200 million albums and is now a permanent fixture in rock and roll, can you believe critics originally thought they would never last? Around the release of their first album, they were critically considered a novelty act that would never eclipse the success of the Yardbirds, Page’s previous band. Their debut was loud and chaotic in a way their peers weren’t, with Plant’s deafening wails and Page’s aggressive blues licks becoming the foundation for the heavy metal movement. True innovators, these initial criticisms now go to show just how far ahead of their time Led Zeppelin was.

It was a rough start, but the world didn’t take long to come to it’s senses, with Led Zeppelin’s influence to music quickly becoming undeniable. Though they boasted one of the loudest, wildest live shows there was, and tales of their hotel vandalism and debauchery quickly became a part of rock and roll legend, they began to show a softer side with later albums and proved they could hold their own as blues legends as well. For a band many were convinced would never last, they have become one of the most famous bands in history. The same critics who claimed they’d never last began to call them The Beatles of the 70′s, and Led Zeppelin took their places as one-of-a-kind music legends.

Though the tragic death of drummer John Bonham effectively ended Led Zeppelin, they continue to be immortalized with multiple t-shirt styles, toddler tees, onesies, belt buckles, and many more great gifts. So even if you just can’t nail that opening riff to Stairway to Heaven, you can always pay tribute to the ones who can.

AC/DC – Alcohol, Women, and Rock and Roll

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Rock education: lesson two. To headbangers everywhere, again a non-necessity. You’re already about to rock, you’ve been thunderstruck, and you shoot to thrill. You cried when Bon Scott passed on, threw up those horns when Brian Johnson took his place, stayed up all night endlessly debating the merits of Flick Of The Switch, and you take personal offense to pathetic complaints that “they’re just making the same album over and over again”. For you, you already have the AC/DC t-shirts, the boxer shorts, every battle cry memorized, and side two of Back In Black already spinning as you shake your head at the nonbelievers.

Ac/Dc | Let There Be RockBut the rest of you, with your heads still and motionless, might be in need of some mandatory rock education courtesy of the Young brothers. As the world’s biggest rock band, AC/DC is a classic example of what the rock and roll ideology means to so many people. You can watch Angus Young strut on stage, slamming iconic power chords while Johnson screams about just what exactly girls will do for money and know immediately what rock and roll means. AC/DC promises a master’s course in rock theory in the space of three power chords and a high-pitched wail.

So the big question: what important sociological message is AC/DC trying to convey? Absolutely nothing. AC/DC has classically concerned itself with alcohol, women, loud noises, and not much else; their music is a living, breathing extension of their genuine, rock-and-roll lifestyle. AC/DC, other than a few somber moments upon Bon Scott’s death, doesn’t concern themselves with much else than getting your fist in the air, and keeping it there. And what else do true rockers have to worry about? AC/DC’s broad appeal comes from their ability to stay so consistent for so many years. Even as the music industry around them suffers an identity crisis and rapidly switches tones and genres, AC/DC lets nothing change them the way real rock and roll will always remain immortal. In this sense, AC/DC has become rock-and-roll itself, the standard for the genre and the bar everybody will try to jump over until the end of time.

But it’s a high bar to jump over. As rock graduates already know, nothing brings a feeling of raw power quite like AC/DC does. When AC/DC gets called “offensive”, they make their lyrics even more decadent. When AC/DC gets accused of sounding too much like they used to, they’ll bust out Highway to Hell and Girls Got Rhythm and all the oldies just to spite you. When their vocalist and good friend dies young and unexpectedly, an event that would end any lesser band immediately, AC/DC didn’t quit. They came out dressed in black, but rocking harder than ever, and sold more albums as a band than anyone ever has in history. AC/DC’s commitment to stay true only to themselves has inspired millions of people, many of which aren’t even fans of rock music, solely through their unrivaled power, raw energy, and total unwillingness to become something they’re not. AC/DC is likely the only rock band that can sell 200+ million albums and never sell out.

Rock Education: Lesson 1 – Metallica

Monday, February 8th, 2010

MetallicaDo you have headbanger’s blood flowing through your veins? Do you relax to the sound of smashed china and thumping double bass drums the way old ladies relax to windchimes? Then Metallica’s 25+ year history is no-doubt already near and dear to your heart. Whether you prefer the era of straightforward skull-crushing thrash that was Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets, the hard rock experiment that was The Black Album, or the stunning return-to-form of the new Death Magnetic, nobody needs to tell you why Metallica remains the best-selling act in all of metal music.

But lets say high-pitched synthesizers and puffy hair was more your speed back then. Maybe you used to headbang, but only to Gary Numan, and only when nobody was watching. I understand. It was a confusing time back then, when Metallica first came out swinging. Maybe you were afraid to headbang out of fear of messing up your $80 perm. Maybe it even all just sounds like noise to you, and you just don’t get the music these kids are listenin’ to these days. Nobody can blame you for that, but just for kicks, let’s take a second to throw those horns up and learn just what the blood and thunder is all about.

Yes, Metallica is loud. Perhaps even one of the loudest and heaviest bands of their time, but it’s not just about being loud. Seven minute songs, even from the very start, were not uncommon for Metallica. Structured symphonically, early epics like The Four Horsemen and The Call of Ktulu were not just loud and aggressive, but artistically passionate in a way other thrash metal at that time wasn’t. Featuring melodic breakdowns and obvious musical intelligence, Metallica’s work lives on due to it’s virtuosity and scope. Though their S&M live album, backed by a full symphony orchestra, was considered a strange move at the time, nowadays it seems like a perfect fit. Metallica’s classical foundations have allowed them a degree of timelessness that explains their mass appeal, even among people that don’t normally enjoy heavy metal music. This fact is made obvious with The Black Album, which featured a more commercial mainstream sound and sold more copies than any other album released in the last fifteen years.

Okay, so musically they have a wealth of artistic merit. But lyrically, isn’t it all just monsters, violence, and the devil? Well, to a degree, but the band’s knack for tackling deep, introspective emotional issues is not overlooked. One of their biggest early songs, Battery, is as aggressive and angry as they come. Yes, Battery is angry, but it’s also about the control anger physically has over one’s actions, and the personal struggle of trying to resist it. In layman’s terms: it’s not a song about breaking stuff, it’s a song about questioning why exactly stuff gets broken. All Metallica songs follow this general idea, yes it’s loud and vicious, but with a sense of personal futility and emotion that bleeds into every second. For a later example, Nothing Else Matters is about the bond between the vocalist and his girlfriend, which he is determined to keep strong even as constant touring threatens to keep them apart. The Unforgiven, another Black Album track, is simply about regretting a lack of risk-taking in life. Broad issues virtually anyone can relate to, but still with enough monsters, violence, and the devil all around to satisfy connoisseurs of the heaviest of music as well.

So, even if you rocked a perm or not, is it any wonder that Metallica is the musical titan that it is? Do you understand why your mother calls metal music “noise” but still shrieks with joy when Enter Sandman comes on the radio?  Either way, 18 Grammy nominations and 9 awards later, Metallica continues to epitomize the heavy metal music industry.  Never to be rivaled and especially never to be tread upon, Metallica’s classical approach to heavy metal is proudly immortalized with album cover t-shirts and many great buckles and gifts.

Get Alice in Wonderland T shirts, belt buckles and merchandise

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Alice In Wonderland is a timeless classic.  It started as a novel written by Lewis Carrol, became a Disney animated film in 1961, and will be released once again by Disney as a conglomeration of live action, animation, and stop motion on March 5, 2010.  It is said to be in the same style as the Nightmare Before Christmas, another Tim Burton masterpiece. has a nice sized selection of Alice in Wonderland belt buckles, T-shirts and other fun gift ideas.  Each belt buckle has an inscription on the back with a quote from the book.  There’s even a Through the Looking Glass belt buckle that is reversed on the other side!  You can collect all 8 belt buckles which are beautifully designed with fine detail.  There’s the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Caterpillar, and the Mad Tea Party (this one is silver plated), Alice and the Deck of Cards and Through the Looking Glass.  2Bhip also has a couple lunchboxes, socks, and quite  few different Alice in Wonderland T-shirt styles…made by Junk Food.  Very cute.  You can find the perfect “UN-Birthday” gift for that Alice in Wonderland fan.  I can’t wait to see Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway in the new movie!

Get Cool belt buckles at 2BhipBuckles

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Belt buckles are the most unique accessory and the best way to fit any personality.  Belt buckles are also the perfect gift around $20 for any occasion. is the website with the biggest selection of cool belt buckles!  2Bhip carries just about every sports team around, a lot of band buckles, and many novelty buckles such as lighter buckles and stasher buckles.  There are American Icon buckles, Alice in Wonderland buckles, crosses and dragons and game such as poker and Las Vegas buckles.  There are buckles in the shape of guns and firearms, a huge selection of flags from different countries, babes on motorcycles, horoscopes and initial buckles and spinners too!  Looking for a scorpion or your favorite animal?  It’s there.  Just want a Native American buckle or your standard western rodeo buckle?  You’ll find it.  And of course there are always your XXX offensive belt buckles that are a must for your next beer party or bar excursion.  Who couldn’t use a wipe board belt buckle to help advance their game at the bar?  Or maybe you don’t need help and just want to display your confidence with “the man the legend” buckle.  Some are small and some are large.  Some are funny and some are more subtle.  I’m still describing the belt buckles…get your mind out of the gutter!  Any belt buckle collector has been to this website and if you need assistance finding the perfect gift, we been around long enough to be able to steer you in the right direction with just a bit of information about your belt buckle lover.  All you need is a belt that snaps open and then you switch out all the belt buckles and wear a different one every day.  Or you can just slip on the traditional buckle if you’re feeling a little boring and not adventurous for the day.   Remember, go to!