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Attention: All Trekkies!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Though it was actually The Next Generation that served as the bulk of the series, it’s the original that gets Trekkies everywhere the most nostalgic. It’s where everything we love about Star Trek all started, and it was one of the main sci-fi programs to introduce the mainstream to the appeal of science fiction. Featuring bizarre alien races, imaginative and complex technology, and plot lines dealing with relevant, hard-hitting moral and sociological issues, Star Trek proved that sci-fi can be more than pew-pew laser blasting and UFOs, it can teach us something about the human race itself and it’s coming future. A classic episode like “City on The Edge of Forever” deals with the consequences of rewriting history, forcing the crew to deliberately let someone die in order to save the future. In an episode like “Friday’s Child”, the crew is forced into a planet’s tribal power struggle, forcing them to integrate into new social strata and accept strange new laws or lose their lives in the process. Far above any of it’s rivals, Star Trek had serious points to make, and was therefore nominated for a dozen Emmy awards, an amazing feat indeed for a show ironically facing cancellation.

That’s right. Amazingly enough, given it’s modern fan base of millions, dedicated like no others, the first Star Trek series only lasted three seasons and ended in cancellation. It only made it that far through the volume of fan demand, only making it to it’s last season through an extensive and unprecedented letter-writing campaign. Only after it’s cancellation did NBC realize the property they were dealing with, and the smash success of The Next Generation would solidify just how strong the impact of Star Trek on sci-fi culture was. By then, it was too late to fix their mistake and give Kirk a few more years on the Enterprise, with the smash success of The Next Generation the only consolation.

The old crew retired their uniforms years too soon, leaving Trekkies dying for a few new adventures with Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and the rest of the first generation crew to this day. If they won’t fill their old uniforms again, why not fill it for them? You may not have a constitution class warp-drive spaceship at your disposal, but you no doubt have a burning desire to boldly go where no man has before, and that’s what counts. Whether it be Star Trek uniform t-shirts or baby onesies, running the spectrum from Captain Kirk, the scientific and mysterious Spock, and the engineering expertise of Scotty. These feature the classic colors and designs down to the Starfleet badge. The only question is which role you want to play.

Star Trek

DC Comics Superheroes

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

As elementary school career day goes to show, next to an astronaut, the biggest thing kids want to be when they grow DC Comics Superheroes 2bhipup is a costumed crime-fighter. Sure, there were a couple of boring kids who sat up front that wanted to be secretaries and accountants, but I know you’re like me, you saw past that nonsense immediately and just wanted to be Batman. It’s inevitable, there’s something about the concept of vigilantism and the iconography behind logos and uniforms that excites the human imagination and makes us yearn for a more perfect world, where an individual has an opportunity to purge the streets of evil single-handedly and make real change. A world where the principles of justice are intact enough that all it takes is a push over the edge, with equalizers like magic rings, batarangs, heat vision, or just good old fashioned fisticuffs, to bring the world back to peace. The continued appeal of comic books is the universal optimistic message that big change is within the hands of brave individuals who dare to make a difference, and isn’t that a great message to pass down through the generations?

2Bhip found the perfect way to do that with super hero baby onesies. Before they can walk, before they’ve even been toilet trained, your little caped crusader can strike fear into the cold hearts of those who wish us harm. With great products like our Superman baby onesie, as well as the whole collection of DC Comics baby clothes, children all the way up to 24 months old can stand triumphantly over the crib, daring villainy to threaten mankind’s peaceful coexistence. Empowerment is a crucial trait to instill in children from an early age, and what could possibly be more empowering than growing up as the next Green Lantern?

Other names for onesies include creepers, rompers, diaper shirts, babygro, and snapsuits; our sizes start at 0-6 months and go in six month increments all the way up to 18-24 months. Onesies stand out because they have snaps for access to the diaper, cutting down on changing clothes and ensuring your child’s secret identity is never compromised by their various super-powered enemies. With so many ways to challenge evil, the only question is how to look while doing it.

DC Comics Onesies
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman

Baby Gifts with Personality: Give a Gift Guests will Remember

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows the infamous sound of oohs and awws at a baby shower when the proud mother to be  opens gifts.  From gift baskets to blankets, each baby gift is a reminder to the rite of passage into motherhood.  Whether you’re a family member, friend, or even co-worker, buying a unique baby gift always make a good impression. You can play it safe with rattles, toys, or even gift baskets with diapers (we all know diapers are a necessity) .  But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be the best gift giver?

Angelina Jole's Son Maddox- MohawkIn this day and age babies are fashion extensions of parents.  From the classic baby gap look to punk, and even rock n roll, face it times have changed to the extent that a mohawk on a 2 year old is no longer un-common.  With that being said, there is fashion to support these personalities.  Famous icons like Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Metallica, or even superheros like Batman plastered on baby onesies, rompers or toddler t-shirts would be the highlight at any shower or party.    Originality and personality before the baby can even talk!  Gifts like these would make this baby or toddler the coolest kid on the block.

"The Beatles of the 70's"- Led Zeppelin

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Though you can hear off-time butchered versions of any one of Led Zeppelin’s classic tunes coming from the bedroomStairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin of any 14-year-old with a guitar, there’s absolutely nothing like the real thing. Classically versed in blues theory, but with a raw, aggressive edge, Led Zeppelin’s debut completely defied classification and late 60′s sensibilities. Though Led Zeppelin has since sold over 200 million albums and is now a permanent fixture in rock and roll, can you believe critics originally thought they would never last? Around the release of their first album, they were critically considered a novelty act that would never eclipse the success of the Yardbirds, Page’s previous band. Their debut was loud and chaotic in a way their peers weren’t, with Plant’s deafening wails and Page’s aggressive blues licks becoming the foundation for the heavy metal movement. True innovators, these initial criticisms now go to show just how far ahead of their time Led Zeppelin was.

It was a rough start, but the world didn’t take long to come to it’s senses, with Led Zeppelin’s influence to music quickly becoming undeniable. Though they boasted one of the loudest, wildest live shows there was, and tales of their hotel vandalism and debauchery quickly became a part of rock and roll legend, they began to show a softer side with later albums and proved they could hold their own as blues legends as well. For a band many were convinced would never last, they have become one of the most famous bands in history. The same critics who claimed they’d never last began to call them The Beatles of the 70′s, and Led Zeppelin took their places as one-of-a-kind music legends.

Though the tragic death of drummer John Bonham effectively ended Led Zeppelin, they continue to be immortalized with multiple t-shirt styles, toddler tees, onesies, belt buckles, and many more great gifts. So even if you just can’t nail that opening riff to Stairway to Heaven, you can always pay tribute to the ones who can.

Passing on the Legends of Music through Onesies

Monday, February 15th, 2010

If you proudly flaunt your degree (official or not) in music education, the next big step is to pass that knowledge onto the new generation, to keep the classic music in your life living on for many more to come. What better way to do thatMotley Crue Onesie than to outfit your little roadie in rock baby clothes like a band onesie? Turn the crib into a regular Folsom Prison with a Johnny Cash onesie, or deck out your little womanizer with a Motley Crue onesie, and many more! Whether it’s to reflect their personality or yours!

Also called creepers, rompers, diaper shirts, babygro, or snapsuits, onesies are basically infant body suits with clasps at the bottom for access to the diaper. Sizes are arranged by months old, usually running all the way up to 24 months. Onesies stand out because they’re ideal for movement, and to be honest, they’re pretty freaking adorable too.

From metal to grunge to country and beyond, 2Bhip has something for the occasion.

Black Label Society
Bob Marley
Frank Sinatra
The Grateful Dead
Johnny Cash
Led Zeppelin
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marilyn Manson
Motley Crue
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stone Temple Pilots
Willie Nelson

Cool Baby creepers/onesies and Toddler tees at 2BhipBabies

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Are you searching for the perfect baby shower gift?  Have a new niece or nephew in the family?  Have a baby that just could use some cool new clothes?  Or do you want to find some tiny T-shirts that fit your baby’s personality?  There is a huge variety of baby clothing (bodysuits or creepers) out there just waiting to be fitted over a diaper and ready to be worn by that little guy or girl for that special big day out!  Who wouldn’t want their kid wearing their favorite musician or band’s logo?  Or becoming your favorite super hero?  Got a trekkie baby?  Got a biker baby?  Or a little trouble maker?  Here is a list of styles that you can find at

Bands:                                                  Tattoo styles:

Bob Marley                                          Nautical Anchor

Led Zeppelin


Red Hot Chili Pepper                           Comic Heroes:

Black Label Society                              Wonder Woman

Motorhead                                           The Flash

Johnny Cash                                         Green Lantern

Willie Nelson                                        Batman



Aerosmith                                             Other fun styles:

Grateful Dead                                       Star Trek

Marilyn Manson                                   Trouble Maker

Ramones                                              Little Bruiser

Slayer                                                   Spoiled Rotten
Stone Temple Pilots

Motley Crue

Lynyrd Skynyrd

DC COMICS T Shirts and Merchandise

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Good vs. Evil: the ultimate comic book battle. Marvel or DC comics? I’ll leave that one to remain untouched. This sort of thing consumes every day of my life. Even though Halloween is over, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone wearing a Superman costume Hoodie complete with a removable cape. I was lucky to experience this as one of our employees helped a customer while wearing this awesome get up and the entire time never once broke character. You know you’re getting the best help around when Superman helps you to find the perfect T-shirt for your best friend’s birthday. has a huge selection of DC Comics gifts such as T-shirts, belt buckles, hoodies and more. They have Superman dog tags, wristbands, belts with buckles for little kids, and even DC Comic baby onesies and tees!!! What a perfect gift for that Wonder Woman in your life! Guys, you can’t go wrong by turning your significant other into an Amazon or a Greek goddess!!! What a better way than giving her super strength, speed stamina and flight? You do want to be careful so that this plan doesn’t backfire. Therefore, it’s necessary to grab yourself some superhero swag too. Nothing can stop the Dark Knight. has 4 different Dark Knight belt buckles and 17 Dark Knight Movie T-shirts including some replicas of the original movie posters. Or you could just fight back with a Superman belt buckle or Batman hoodie (once again complete with cape and mask). I leave you with one final thought: “I came from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of other men.”

I have to go now…
Up Up and Away!!!