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DC Comics Superheroes

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

As elementary school career day goes to show, next to an astronaut, the biggest thing kids want to be when they grow DC Comics Superheroes 2bhipup is a costumed crime-fighter. Sure, there were a couple of boring kids who sat up front that wanted to be secretaries and accountants, but I know you’re like me, you saw past that nonsense immediately and just wanted to be Batman. It’s inevitable, there’s something about the concept of vigilantism and the iconography behind logos and uniforms that excites the human imagination and makes us yearn for a more perfect world, where an individual has an opportunity to purge the streets of evil single-handedly and make real change. A world where the principles of justice are intact enough that all it takes is a push over the edge, with equalizers like magic rings, batarangs, heat vision, or just good old fashioned fisticuffs, to bring the world back to peace. The continued appeal of comic books is the universal optimistic message that big change is within the hands of brave individuals who dare to make a difference, and isn’t that a great message to pass down through the generations?

2Bhip found the perfect way to do that with super hero baby onesies. Before they can walk, before they’ve even been toilet trained, your little caped crusader can strike fear into the cold hearts of those who wish us harm. With great products like our Superman baby onesie, as well as the whole collection of DC Comics baby clothes, children all the way up to 24 months old can stand triumphantly over the crib, daring villainy to threaten mankind’s peaceful coexistence. Empowerment is a crucial trait to instill in children from an early age, and what could possibly be more empowering than growing up as the next Green Lantern?

Other names for onesies include creepers, rompers, diaper shirts, babygro, and snapsuits; our sizes start at 0-6 months and go in six month increments all the way up to 18-24 months. Onesies stand out because they have snaps for access to the diaper, cutting down on changing clothes and ensuring your child’s secret identity is never compromised by their various super-powered enemies. With so many ways to challenge evil, the only question is how to look while doing it.

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