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Fall TV – I’ve Missed You

Friday, September 24th, 2010
Do your thumbs quiver with anticipation and you don’t know why? Has your television set been crying out to you for attention in the lonely hours of the night? It must be that time of year again, when your favorite tv shows renew for brand new seasons! Midway through September, we are already in the midst of a great lineup of new episode launches that’ll let you renew the crater in your couch in no time. We have great tv show tees to celebrate the new seasons of:
We’re already an episode into Season Six, which began 9/16. One of the funniest, most edgy comedies in recent history, season six promises to take the show even further than before. A Halloween episode will even acknowledge the real-life pregnancy of Kaitlin Olson (Dee Reynolds). Like me, I know you’re awaiting the return of Greenman and the possible return of the master of Karate himself, Dayman (And did you know The Nightman Cometh was actually performed onstage last year by the show’s actors, as a goodwill gesture for the fans? I would’ve loved to see it!)
Season Four of Big Bang Theory, promising new problems for our favorite theoretical physicists to solve. Watched and loved by millions of viewers, the new season (aired Sept 23) throws a plot twist at us early when Sheldon goes on his first-ever date, and in the next episode attempts to achieve biological immortality. How’s that for a season opener? Big Bang Theory is one to watch: intelligent and always surprising. Big Bang provides some of our most popular tv show t-shirts, which may soon take “Bazinga” all the way into the dictionary. (If it happened to “d’oh”, it can happen to “bazinga”!)
Eastbound And Down
Don’t like Big Bang Theory? Then tune into Eastbound And Down’s second season (Sept 23) and watch as Kenny Powers tries to swing for the fences and become a household name again. The series has remarkable production value, with the new Easbound and Downseason allegedly shot to look and feel just like a feature film. After an early look, Vice Magazine said “it’s worthy of the original and is its own different, more somber beast”. Sounds like crude former sports hero Kenny Powers is back in true form for fans of this new cult hit.
Family Guy
This is just like that other time Family Guy had another season! This time though, it’s the 9th (airing Sept 26th) and it promises more of what you love about Family Guy; pop culture references, edgy responses to current events, and evil baby geniuses. Will we get a response to Return of the Jedi like the Blue Harvest and Something Something Somethifamily guyng Dark Side specials? If not, it’s still guaranteed to keep us laughing and watching, as Family Guy shows no signs of slowing down.
And for that matter, did you know¬†The Simpsons is coming back on the same channel, same day, with it’s 22nd season? The longest running cartoon show in history, The Simpsons has been around for so long for good reason, as it remains funny and relevant today to an audience of millions, and still doesn’t seem close to running out of ideas. As the projected guest star for this season, Russell Brand, said “Once you’ve gone yellow, you’ve made it”. Also look for guest voices by Hugh Laurie (House) and Ricky Gervais (The Office UK), alongside countless others.

These are only the big ones, keep an eye out for the new seasons of House M.D., Dexter, and The Office this month, as well as the return of South Park in early October. You have a long road ahead of you, with thumb cramps and eye strain looming in your near future. Luckily for us, our job is simple: provide the coolest tv show shirts out there to let you show your love and remind everyone else to tune in each week. Now dust off that tv set, it missed you! Put new batteries in the remote, configure the TiVo, and wait, but luckily not for long.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Paddy's Irish Pub t-shirts

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaThe most amazing thing about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is that it is a show that could only exist in modern times. While extremely intelligent, its humor skews quite sociopathic, featuring narcissistic self-serving characters and edgy plot lines that you’d never have seen on tv a decade ago. In that way, it’s a bit like Seinfeld but taken one giant step further. The result is great television that is a direct reflection of modern society’s changing sensibilities, making it an important cultural piece and a look at the future of our society.

Also, it’s really freaking funny. Every single episode has at least one side-splitting moment, yet the show has enough character development that before long you’ll start to legitimately care about these characters, even if all they care about is themselves. Any show that can pull that off, pull it off so hilariously, and pull it off for five seasons and counting, deserves it’s smash success. This is comedy at it’s best, and there are plenty of ways to show your support.

Why not start by keeping Paddy’s Pub up and running with an official Paddy’s Irish Pub t-shirt ? 2Bhip has these in three different styles, also including a slim juniors cut and a black version with green text. And speaking of green, why not check out our Greenman t-shirt, featuring everybody’s favorite Internet sensation and tailgate buddy. And of course we have the big one, one of the most famous episodes of them all, with a Day Man t-shirt. He’s a master of karate and friendship for everyone, and when you’re decked out in a Day Man tee, you can be too. Seriously, 2Bhip‘s official It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia t-shirts have to be the best idea since kitten mittens.

And if these references are lost on you, make sure you check out the show and get in on television history in the making. Many new episodes (all the way through a seventh season) are already proposed, and I know I plan on following it every step of the way!