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Sonic vs. Mario

Friday, August 6th, 2010
sonic the hedgehog and super mario bros.In one corner we have Nintendo’s Mario, a portly plumber hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom. His iron hard hands can bust right through bricks, and tales have been told of his legendary immune system, allowing the man to derive superhuman abilities from extremely sketchy mushrooms that would surely put even the best wilderness survivalist in a hospital bed for weeks. His innocent blue eyes conceal a long, difficult past fighting everything evil has to offer, from the darkest subterranean dungeons all the way into the furthest reaches of space. A super star athlete, Mario is proficient in every major sport, and has a jump height that blows away that of even the greatest Olympians. Depending on who you ask, he is either the ultimate alpha male or the cruel and ruthless face of years of turtle oppression. But even so, we all know Mario is the quintessential classic warrior, driven by love and fighting for the affections of a fair maiden. Mario’s dominance among his peers is without equal, and his popularity from over two hundred video game appearances knows no limits. Are you pro-Mario? Don your Mario t-shirt like a superstar and support this humble union worker’s proud legacy.
In the other corner we have SEGA’s own Sonic The Hedgehog, a blue hedgehog with an attitude that can break the sound barrier. Facing the mass robotization of all his fellow animal friends, Sonic smashed, bashed, and dashed his way into the history books by overthrowing Dr. Robotnik’s evil empire time and time again in over fifty game appearances and counting. The lean, mean answer to Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog sets his sights on saving his world from robotic oppression and collecting every piece of fine jewelry and rare metal he can get his shaking, twitching hands on. Are you a born Sonic fan? Wear your Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt proudly and get ready to run circles around your competition.
But seriously, what gets a plumber and a hedgehog together in the same ring? This rivalry started way back in the early 90s, when SEGA debuted the Genesis to challenge Nintendo’s Super Nintendo, the industry’s top game console. Speeding onto the scene with the motto “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t”, SEGA used Sonic’s Generation X attitude and the game’s groundbreaking graphics to start a rivalry with Nintendo’s MVP that inspires debate to this day. Mario would go on to sell more games and Nintendo would ultimately overpower SEGA in the console war, but both characters leave behind a massive legacy of video games, cartoons, clothes, comics, toys, and more for our mutual entertainment pleasure! Both characters are some of the most identifiable characters in the world, and luckily for all of us the two have since resolved their differences, with SEGA now producing Sonic video games for Nintendo’s consoles and both with new, hotly anticipated games on the horizon. Everybody wins!

Super Mario Brothers t shirts and gift items

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Remember your first trip into the Mushroom Kingdom? Of course you do! Going strong since 1981, an innocent time where giant apes were all a New York City plumber had to worry about (today it’s all union dues and fire-breathing tortoise kings), Mario jumps on into the present day, with his last title Super Mario Galaxy sending him out to the furthest reaches of space! Mario has to be one of the most recognizable characters of all time at this point, with it’s main symbols (shells, mushrooms, stars, and hammers) burned into the mind of anyone who was a child at any point in recent history.

Just as versatile as the hero himself is the sheer amount of merchandise available for this series. As his art style has changed over the years, so too have the interpretations. No matter which Mario era you grew up on, 2Bhip has you covered!

Working backwards from most recent, there’s the Super Mario Galaxy t-shirt for both young and old, coming in both Adult and Youth sizes. This game is universally considered top-notch, and brings the familiar Mario game play to a whole new generation while looking better than ever! Not even gravity can hold back Mario now!

For something more old school, check out the Made In The Eighties Mario t-shirt , which features Mario as you grew up with him, letting the world know where both of you came from. Similar old-school Mario t-shirts include the Party Like It’s 1985 Mario t-shirt and the Tanuki Suit Mario 3 t-shirt, arguably the most useful and famous power-up Mario has ever encountered, as well as many more on the 2Bhip site.

Prefer a specific character or item? Get a life with our One Up Mushroom t-shirt, one of the best things you can find in floating boxes these days. The more you get, the longer you can keep playing Mario; sounds like a winning situation to me. The Bullet Bill t-shirt is great too, falling more into the realm of fashionable pop-art.

But of course there’s far more than that on the site. Do a search, browse dozens of great Mario products, and jump right into action in less button presses than it takes to kick a red shell.

Video Game t shirts at 2Bhip

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Calling all gamers! has a HUGE selection of video game T-shirts just waiting to make their way to your battle station and into your closets and drawers.  Are you a classic gamer?  If so, you can travel back in time and recall your old Atari faves Pac Man or Donkey Kong, Frogger, Contra or even Track and Field.  For those Nintendo fans, you’ll find a good variety of Super Mario Brothers tees.  Characters such as Bullet Bill, the One Up Mushroom and Zelda are very popular.  If you owned a Nintendo or even if you just had to slough over to your friend’s house, you must understand the slogan that reads:  “I Was Young I Needed the Gold Coins”.  I spent many hours calling the hot line to advance to the next level!  I was obsessed!   For those who are more advanced and own a gaming system that is more graphically inclined, you would appreciate Super Mario Brothers Galaxy, Halo, or Resident Evil, shirts.  You can even start to train that next generation of Nintendo Wii kid by their old Wiggles or that annoying Making Fiends shirt with a brand new jumping Mario youth shirt.  If you’re into World of Warcraft, there are several to choose from:  Arthas Wrath of the Lich King, the Alliance Faction Crest, the Horde Faction Crest, Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Scourge, The Lich King, or Hellscream Warchiefs.  They can all be found at or