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Beavis and Butthead

Thursday, October 4th, 2012
The essential product of the 90s MTV generation, Beavis & Butthead have mindlessly chortled their way through eight seasons of music videos, reckless endangerment, the endless pursuit of scoring, and more. Beavis and Butthead are two woefully uneducated youths specializing in their special brand of ignorant insight, standing in sharp contrast to the pompous, often pretentious world that surrounds them. With no discernible parental influence, no friends but each other, and no goals or direction past which heavy metal video is coming on next, it served both as Mike Judge’s warning of where the “MTV generation” might be in a decade and, unironically, as one of the funniest cartoons ever to air on television.
Fittingly, he even chose to revisit it last year with a brand new season, this time tackling Jersey Shore, dubstep, and more. And thankfully, Beavis & Butthead are exactly the kind of kids that will never, ever change. They prove Mark Twain’s old adage “never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”. You’ll have a hard time trying to reason with Beavis & Butthead (huhuhuh, “hard”), and an even harder time trying to stop watching.
They may never have scored, and they still can’t seem to join Todd’s gang, but as long as aimless youths bond over heavy metal the Beavis & Butthead spirit will never die (but it might fake it’s own death to get out of school). On it’s debut, it attracted public crusades to get it off the air and took pleasure in mocking it’s detractors the whole time. Eventually, Beavis wasn’t allowed to scream “fire!” anymore, so Mike Judge delightfully pushed it as far as possible. In one episode, during a late night Burger World shift, Beavis screamed “fryer! fryer!” instead, and in another said the phrase “liar liar, pants on…” before relapsing into his trademark laughter. And now that the show’s making a resurgence, the boys are finally allowed to be their inimitable selves again, free to brilliantly dissect music videos and annoy everyone around them.
Perhaps the most fitting thing to say about a cult cartoon that touched a whole lot of lives (huhuhuh) would be this, Beavis’ spot-on reaction to a particularly intense GWAR video:
“It’s like, you watch all these videos, you watch TV, everything sucks, and then something like this comes on, and it’s like, it’s cool!”

What’s Your T-shirt Size?

Thursday, May 13th, 2010
t-shirt size
Do you know what size t-shirt to order?  Mens or Womens?…..Adult Womens or Juniors?.   Rest assured there are answers to your questions because t-shirt sizes are more than small, medium, large, mens or womens.
Choosing the Right T-Shirt Size:

2Bhip carries a wide array of different t-shirt cuts and styles from young to old! We carry a wide line of products from multiple manufacturers, each of whom may have slight variations in cut and measurements. However, our tees can be grouped into five main categories, Adult, Juniors, Toddlers, Youth, and Juvenile, that should provide a universally consistent fit once the right style is chosen.
These tees represent the standard t-shirt cut and comprise the bulk of our stock. The measurements on these tees are relatively standard, and matching your usual t-shirt size to ours should never be a problem. Some manufacturers print on adult t-shirts but have slight size variations, such as with our More Cowbell and Jack Bauer t-shirts, these rare instances will have a note in the description letting you know to go a size up for the typical loose fit.
Jack Bauer T-shirt
Juniors tees, also known as babydoll, are cut very thin and typically have a soft feel to be very form-fitting. Intended for teenage girls and slim women, juniors t-shirts are recommended for buyers who are already familiar with juniors t-shirts and already know their appropriate size. Elsewhere they can simply be called “women’s t-shirts”, and for the inexperienced going a size up could be a great idea, especially if you’re between sizes.Dr. Seuss T-shirt
These are cute t-shirts intended for children aged 1 through 4 years, considered the first step up from rompers. Sizes typically go by two year increments, a 2T being 1-2 years old, a 3T being 2-3 years old, and so on. As always, these sizes represent typical guidelines and a previous purchase of a toddler t-shirt is a great way to know the right size. As kids grow up fast, going up a size may be a good idea for those not sure.
Domo Child's T-shirt
Juvenile & Youth
Juvenile and Youth t-shirts are both intended for children, who use their own size chart. Children’s sizes run from 4-20, with Juvenile shirts running from 4-7, Philadelphia Eagles T-shirtand Youth tees running from 8-20. Juvenile shirts are intended for children as the next step up from a toddler’s t-shirt, and by proxy Youth t-shirts are for children who have outgrown Juvenile sizes. As all children grow differently, buying a size up can be a good idea for children on the “edge” of a size.
As different manufacturers use slightly different sizing, the best option to ensure the best fit for you is to give us a call at (610)421-4447! We’ll be happy to assist you with measurements for any t-shirt you’re interested in to ensure you receive the perfect size for you!

15% Off T-Shirts for Mother’s Day

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Mother's Day Sale - 2Bhip

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Give your mom a cool and unique gift that you can’t find in stores.  From 80′s t-shirts to funny t-shirts you’re bound to find something for any hip mom.

Dance T-shirtSmurfette T-Shirt

BAZINGA! – The Big Bang Theory

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Following the sitcom formula with a chemist’s determination, The Big Bang Theory features the straight man, the big bang theorywacky one, the love interest, the popular one, and the shy one; the time tested tropes of sitcom success. Each character falls in line with the sitcom tropes to a “T”, leaving everyone outside the laugh track wondering just what’s so different about this seemingly generic sitcom.

For starters, it’s main characters aren’t every men in the slightest. Named Leonard and Sheldon, they are two Cal-tech prodigies in the physics trade, with IQs over 170 and multiple Ph.D.s. Their friends are Howard and Rajesh, a master engineer and astrophysicist respectively. In this way, The Big Bang Theory turns the idea of the modern sitcom on it’s head by making it’s characters so smart as to be seemingly unrelatable. It’s “breakout character” Sheldon built a CAT scanner, a nuclear reactor, and received a Ph.D. all before he was sixteen. With all of Big Bang’s talk about twistor theory, darkmatter, and bosonic string theory, you’d think it’d go right over the heads of it’s audience, but that’s where the brilliance of Big Bang Theory comes into play.

See, despite their genius level IQs, they still have to share an apartment, awkwardly chase the girl next door, learn to drive a car, and deal with the anguish of a girlfriend who believes in psychics. As a collective of geniuses constantly hovering around one another at work and home, they are forced to deal with social situations that they are too smart to understand, rather than too dense. This way, Big Bang Theory turns sitcoms upside down, but still proves that geniuses still have to go through the same societal chores as the rest of us, creating a scenario where characters with nothing in common with a viewer could still be totally relatable. Want proof? This award-winning TV show is already renewed for a fourth season and is syndicated to over fifty countries worldwide, and you don’t need a particle physics degree to see why.

Filled with classic lines and characters, and projected to run well into the future, Big Bang Theory provides an advanced science-oriented comedy that everyone can relate to, and characters we can laugh both with and at. Big Bang Theory t-shirts have never been so in demand, with Bazinga t-shirt fever about to hit prime time by storm. An added bonus: All the show’s science is fact-checked by professionals, ensuring a scientifically accurate and fascinating experience for those who choose to dig deep into this hit show!

Attention: All Trekkies!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Though it was actually The Next Generation that served as the bulk of the series, it’s the original that gets Trekkies everywhere the most nostalgic. It’s where everything we love about Star Trek all started, and it was one of the main sci-fi programs to introduce the mainstream to the appeal of science fiction. Featuring bizarre alien races, imaginative and complex technology, and plot lines dealing with relevant, hard-hitting moral and sociological issues, Star Trek proved that sci-fi can be more than pew-pew laser blasting and UFOs, it can teach us something about the human race itself and it’s coming future. A classic episode like “City on The Edge of Forever” deals with the consequences of rewriting history, forcing the crew to deliberately let someone die in order to save the future. In an episode like “Friday’s Child”, the crew is forced into a planet’s tribal power struggle, forcing them to integrate into new social strata and accept strange new laws or lose their lives in the process. Far above any of it’s rivals, Star Trek had serious points to make, and was therefore nominated for a dozen Emmy awards, an amazing feat indeed for a show ironically facing cancellation.

That’s right. Amazingly enough, given it’s modern fan base of millions, dedicated like no others, the first Star Trek series only lasted three seasons and ended in cancellation. It only made it that far through the volume of fan demand, only making it to it’s last season through an extensive and unprecedented letter-writing campaign. Only after it’s cancellation did NBC realize the property they were dealing with, and the smash success of The Next Generation would solidify just how strong the impact of Star Trek on sci-fi culture was. By then, it was too late to fix their mistake and give Kirk a few more years on the Enterprise, with the smash success of The Next Generation the only consolation.

The old crew retired their uniforms years too soon, leaving Trekkies dying for a few new adventures with Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and the rest of the first generation crew to this day. If they won’t fill their old uniforms again, why not fill it for them? You may not have a constitution class warp-drive spaceship at your disposal, but you no doubt have a burning desire to boldly go where no man has before, and that’s what counts. Whether it be Star Trek uniform t-shirts or baby onesies, running the spectrum from Captain Kirk, the scientific and mysterious Spock, and the engineering expertise of Scotty. These feature the classic colors and designs down to the Starfleet badge. The only question is which role you want to play.

Star Trek

What's Your Take on Family Guy?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Family GuyCome on, sing along! “It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV” You know it! That’s the beginning to the Family Guy theme song. I hear it every night as I crawl into bed to enjoy my favorite animated series while sipping a diet coke. The Griffin family has to be the most twisted dysfunctional family in America! Stewie certainly steals the show with his frequently quoted phrases and often offensive antics. Stewie was absolutely Born to be Bad! What infant has the odasity to walk around saying “You Know You want me!” Or “Whatever lets you sleep at night bitch!” He doesn’t play well with others! My favorite phrase is “That’s the good stuff” as Stewie bends over releasing some…uh…flatulance.

Speaking of Stewie, what is everyone’s take on his communication with the family…do they or don’t they understand him?  I think it’s clear that Brian understands him and there seems to be situations where other members of the family do respond and react to him.  Below is an example from the episode titled “Dial Meg for Murder” (Sarcasm from Stewie)

Meg: What’d you say, Brian?
Brian: Oh, I-I was just picking up on something Lois said. What-what was it? What’d you say, Lois? Something about Meg being a freak?
Lois: Oh, no, I didn’t say anything. Uh, Peter said something about Meg, which I completely disagree with.
Peter: That-that-that wasn’t me. Stewie was really laying into Meg about something.
Chris: Yeah, it was Stewie.
Lois: Definitely Stewie.
Stewie: Oh, so now everyone understands me.

According to Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane,  Stewie is really talking, but most of the family members ignore him the way most people generally ignore things said by small children.  Macfarlane also confirmed that Brian can understand him.

Kids, what time is it??? It’s time for another sing-a-long!!!

It’s peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time

Where he at? (sing 4 times)

There he go (sing 4 times)

Peanut butter jelly (sing 4 times)

Do the peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat (sing 2 times)

Now break it down and freeze!

There’s more to it but I have to catch my breath. Lois would be so proud!

The show is in it’s 8th season and while it is a cartoon, the content of the show is intended for a mature audience.  As with many shows, there are topics covered that may be controversial and potentially ruffle some feathers.  Recently, there was an episode that featured a Down Syndrome character played by Andrea Fray Friedman, an actress with Down Syndrome.  The character said that her mother was the former governor of Alaska.  Sarah Palin was not amused by this episode as her son Trig has Down Syndrome.  Palin appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and denounced creator of Family Guy, Seth Macfarlane.  The actress released a statement that Sarah Palin does not have a sense of humor and that the actress is perfectly content with her life.  Seth Macfarlane was questioned about the episode and was featured on Bill Maher’s show.  Check out the video below if you haven’t seen it yet:

What’s your verdict on the subject?

Family Guy often finds itself surrounded by controversy. Tune in each night to keep up with the latest! (New episodes air Sunday nights on Fox)

Bring Home the Magic with Disney

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

“You just won the Superbowl, what will you do next?”…….”I’m going to Disney World!”

That is the infamous advertising slogan coined by The Walt Disney Corporation in their television commercials beginning in 1987.  Fast forward to February 2010 where Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints experience their first Super Bowl showing against the Indianapolis Colts and come away with a victory. Disney, on site for the celebration caught up with Drew Brees and asked him that very question.  His enthusiastic response was featured in the following commercial for promotion of  the Disneyland and Disney World locations in Florida and California.

Disney is the happiest place on earth.  The air, light and filled with joy, as sounds of “It’s a small world after all” spread across the park. When you’re here, the world is fun-filled and poised for building memories.  Disney brings out the child within all of us.  Why not? We probably have more fun that way anyway.  What better way to capture that joy but by bringing pieces of that experience home with you.  Whether it be a favorite character on a t-shirt, stuffed animal, bag, pen, or picture frame there is something out there for everyone.

A Piece of American Pop Culture- Star Wars

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Star WarsA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…George Lucas created an epic called Star Wars which became a pop culture phenomenon that continues on today.  The Star Wars characters and images from the movies have been eternally embedded into our minds and can now be found in what has been termed the Expanded Universe (books, video games, t-shirts, toys, board games, belt buckles, you name it and it probably exists).  Who knew that on May 25th 1977 the release of Star Wars would be the giant that it is today.  So much so that in 2008 it was the third highest grossing film series in overall box office revenue  behind James Bond and Harry Potter.

Some have said that to see Star Wars in 1977 was like experiencing a moment in pop culture that seemed universal across the nation.  Was this the last unifying landmark event for the baby boomer generation (The Beatles at one end of the spectrum and Star Wars at the other)?  Depending on who you speak with, that answer is yes.

How many people remember the summer of ’77 with the long lines filled with lawn chairs and coolers?

Need Something to Wear on St. Patrick's Day?

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

St. Patrick's Day ShamrocksEven though much of the East Coast is covered with a blanket of snow, March is quickly approaching and it will soon be time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s soon time for shamrocks, leprechauns, and everything green! St. Paddy’s Day for many is a time to feast on corned beef and green beer. For most, it’s time to celebrate and wear your best green attire. If you are planning to get your Irish on this year, 2Bhip Irish has a wide variety of Irish and Celtic belt buckles, hats, T-shirts, and cool gifts to bring out your inner leprechaun.  The only thing 2Bhip does not have is Lucky Charms. But man, those things really are magically delicious!

St. Patrick’s day is for Irish and non-irish alike. Everyone’s Irish on March 17th. And be sure to watch out because if you aren’t wearing green on March 17th…you just might get pinched!St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

AC/DC – Alcohol, Women, and Rock and Roll

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Rock education: lesson two. To headbangers everywhere, again a non-necessity. You’re already about to rock, you’ve been thunderstruck, and you shoot to thrill. You cried when Bon Scott passed on, threw up those horns when Brian Johnson took his place, stayed up all night endlessly debating the merits of Flick Of The Switch, and you take personal offense to pathetic complaints that “they’re just making the same album over and over again”. For you, you already have the AC/DC t-shirts, the boxer shorts, every battle cry memorized, and side two of Back In Black already spinning as you shake your head at the nonbelievers.

Ac/Dc | Let There Be RockBut the rest of you, with your heads still and motionless, might be in need of some mandatory rock education courtesy of the Young brothers. As the world’s biggest rock band, AC/DC is a classic example of what the rock and roll ideology means to so many people. You can watch Angus Young strut on stage, slamming iconic power chords while Johnson screams about just what exactly girls will do for money and know immediately what rock and roll means. AC/DC promises a master’s course in rock theory in the space of three power chords and a high-pitched wail.

So the big question: what important sociological message is AC/DC trying to convey? Absolutely nothing. AC/DC has classically concerned itself with alcohol, women, loud noises, and not much else; their music is a living, breathing extension of their genuine, rock-and-roll lifestyle. AC/DC, other than a few somber moments upon Bon Scott’s death, doesn’t concern themselves with much else than getting your fist in the air, and keeping it there. And what else do true rockers have to worry about? AC/DC’s broad appeal comes from their ability to stay so consistent for so many years. Even as the music industry around them suffers an identity crisis and rapidly switches tones and genres, AC/DC lets nothing change them the way real rock and roll will always remain immortal. In this sense, AC/DC has become rock-and-roll itself, the standard for the genre and the bar everybody will try to jump over until the end of time.

But it’s a high bar to jump over. As rock graduates already know, nothing brings a feeling of raw power quite like AC/DC does. When AC/DC gets called “offensive”, they make their lyrics even more decadent. When AC/DC gets accused of sounding too much like they used to, they’ll bust out Highway to Hell and Girls Got Rhythm and all the oldies just to spite you. When their vocalist and good friend dies young and unexpectedly, an event that would end any lesser band immediately, AC/DC didn’t quit. They came out dressed in black, but rocking harder than ever, and sold more albums as a band than anyone ever has in history. AC/DC’s commitment to stay true only to themselves has inspired millions of people, many of which aren’t even fans of rock music, solely through their unrivaled power, raw energy, and total unwillingness to become something they’re not. AC/DC is likely the only rock band that can sell 200+ million albums and never sell out.